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Finding, Storing, and Sharing Records

Have a digital companion in assisting you each day in gathering, storing, and transmitting your medical records. No more looking around the house or calling multiple provider offices to track down those records. The ESDH app allows you to access your records anywhere and share them with your provider.

Appointment and Provider Info

Additionally, the ESDH app will fetch helpful information such as provider information and appointment details to be at your fingertips. Reminders on when and where to arrive, and how to get there will be easier than ever. The ESDH app keeps track of your upcoming appointments and puts your care team all in one place.

Doctors' Visit Notes

Also, all those important details you are given at any given appointment will be able to be recorded and be available to review whenever you need them. No more trying to remember what steps to take or when to take them. The ESDH app enhances your communication with your doctor by enabling you to capture your key concerns, questions, and comments from your visit.

ID Cards and Medical History

Fumbling over those ID cards in your wallet? Using the ESDH app, you can store a digital copy of your ID, insurance card, vaccine card, appointment confirmation, etc for easy access. Quickly allow loved ones and medical professionals to view your medical history, prescriptions, allergies, etc.

Important Information at a Glance

From the ESDH app, all your documents and records are secured using bank-grade encryption. You, the patient, choose who to give access to your medical records. Switch between doctors and care team without hassle.

Scan, tag, and search

Exclusively from the ESDH app, users can instantly scan reports and documents using any smartphone camera. The document will then be automatically tagged, encrypted, and stored as a PDF, which can be instantly searched in the user's account.

Intuitive Cloud-based portal for Physicians and Care Team

Share Documents and Reports with Your Patient

Faxing or mailing documents back and forth? With the ES Digital Health platform, physicians also get a responsive interface to scan or upload PDF documents, reports, images, and other references. We provide a simple and responsive interface, so you can focus on what matters most.

Built-in Privacy and Validation

Both physicians and patients who sign up for ESDH are validated. Minimize spam, scam, and risks that arise when using insecure email. Files and records are encrypted in-transit and at-rest. No more insecure emails. Customize what you want to see in the ESDH app.

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Sign up for the ES Digital Health app. It could be one of the most impactful tools for your health. The ESDH app offers unprecedented value over what exists in the current state-of-the-art.

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Have all your documents at your fingertips. Scan reports and add notes into your account or pick up your lab test results from your doctor, all in the same interface. Get suggestions and recommendations through the app.

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